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2021 Kawasaki KX250X First Impressions - Ep 67

November 18, 2020 Kyle Brothersen
Dirt Bike Channel Podcast
2021 Kawasaki KX250X First Impressions - Ep 67
Show Notes

First 1.5 hours on the bike.  I will have at least 5 more months with the bike so stay tuned, but here are some first notes.

Bike feels REALLY Narrow between your legs - like it's not eve there.  That is a great feeling.   Was wearing my knee braces and still could barely feel the bike. 

Once I turned the fork compression all the way out, the front forks worked pretty well for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear riding that I was doing today.  It didn't defect badly when I was in 1st gear for those few times.   Probably a good mix for a go fast bike.  

Took 3 clicks of compression out the the slow speed comp on the rear.  This seemed to give the bike a more planted feeling for the choppy rocks and braking bumps I was encountering. 

The motor is very snappy and "racy".  Feels might more high strung like the YZ250FX did.  Has decent torque down low.  Didn't stall the bike on technical climbs, but I was REALLY careful with my clutch work since it doesn't seem like it's got the grunt of the Sherco 300 SEF.  Makes the front end feel pretty light and playful.  More playful feel than the Sherco, although if I'm going to spend a full day in the slow stuff, give me the Sherco.

Loves to corner and carve around berms.  Gave me confidence in my front end.

Didn't feel the issue on the 5 speed

Fuel tank too small

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